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I finally decided to have potato soup for dinner tomorrow night.  You will be surprised to see how creamy and delicious it can be without milk or cream.  The creamy base is made by blending together a portion of the sauteed onions, cauliflower, celery, and red potatoes.  This is a well combined starch meal.  It is easy to make and a favorite at my house.  

Don’t forget we are making cultured vegetables tomorrow night.  Everyone bring your shredded carrots or bring your carrots and we will shred them when you arrive.  If you are having trouble finding a quart jar, just let me know and I will have one there for you.  Please read up on cultured vegetables in your BED book.  There are so many health benefits derived from eating these veggies – and the other cultured foods.  It is very easy to learn how to prepare them.  

See you tomorrow night.



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