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Polenta Pizza CrustPolenta Pizza Crust

I got up early this morning to make the polenta for our pizza crust.  This is the crust after i cooked the polenta (i.e. corn grits), oiled the pizza stone and the cookie sheet, poured the polenta onto the oiled surfaces, smoothed the polenta down, and covered with plastic wrap.  Now it will set up in the fridge until I cook it in a 350 oven for 20 minutes.  After that I will put on the toppings and warm again before we eat it.  Max and I experimented with different toppings this weekend and came up with our favorite mix.  We will have pizza sauce, roasted red/orange peppers, carmelized onions, and spinach for our toppings.  

My kids grew up on the BED for about 6 years when Max and I remained about 80% faithful to BED.  It started for health reasons for Eli and Cheyanna and continued for me and Max.  One thing we were always hungry for was a good pizza.  We were thinking “outside of the box” when we came up with the idea of using corn grits for a crust. in 1998.  We had never heard of this before and have experimented over the years with it.  Now I can find polenta pizza recipes on the internet.  Seems that others had to think outside of the box too.  I have even made this crust and then cut the crust into long pieces to come up with a “noodle” for lasagne.  Don’t get me wrong, my kids never ever never preferred this to “real” pizza, but it got us by.  Now they giggle and eat it, but still eat “real” pizza with their friends.  

For you in the Vital Health – Body Ecology group, I will see you tonight at 5:30.  For you reading this not in the class, thank you for joining us on the blog and hope you are doing well.

Yours in the journey to health and healing,



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